Leadership Team

Focused on exceptional patient care and a positive work environment.

Meet the Horizon Leadership Team

The Horizon leadership team represents a wealth of experience and success in the healthcare industry. The team is guiding our focus on patients receiving the best health care experience with exceptional customer service, along with creating a positive and collaborative work environment for all our employees to thrive and grow.

Laura Larson-Huffaker is the Chief Executive Officer at Horizon Health & Wellness.

Laura Larson-Huffaker

Chief Executive Officer
Dawn Cottrel is the Chief Clinical Officer at Horizon Health & Wellness.

Dawn Cottrell

Chief Clinical Officer
Les Sauve is the Chief Organization Development Officer at Horizon Health & Wellness.

Les Sauve

Chief Organization Development Officer
Dr. Arthur Chou is a Doctor of Medicine of Behavioral Health and Chief Medical Officer at the Apache Junction Clinic.

Dr. Arthur Chou

Chief Medical Officer
Ben Baxter is the Chief Financial Officer at Horizon Health and Wellness.

Ben Baxter

Chief Financial Officer
Pam Brotman is the Chief Quality Management Officer at Horizon Health & Wellness.

Pam Brotman

Chief Quality Management Officer
Wendy Brandt is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Horizon Health & Wellness.

Wendy Brandt

Chief Human Resources Officer
Billie Holliday is the Chief Operations Officer at Horizon Health & Wellness.

Billie Holliday

Chief Operations Officer

Mary Jo Silcox

Chief Strategic Initiatives Officer
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