Mission Statement

We are committed to providing exceptional health care to improve the lives of our patients.

An African-American doctor with a lab coat and stethoscope talking to an elderly Caucasian patient in his office.

Mission Statement

To provide integrated health care that addresses the whole person and promotes wellness using best practices to enhance the quality of life of the individuals, families and communities we serve.

Two smiling Horizon Health and Wellness co-workers sitting at their desks and waving at the camera.

Our Motto:

"Kindness Matters"

Kindness Matters in Health Care 

When patients visit us, they are often faced with fear and anxiety due to their illness. This is where we have a unique opportunity and privilege to provide comfort. By treating our patients with kindness and compassion, we also help them on their journey to a healthy outcome.

Horizon has built a culture where kindness and compassion are part of how we deliver the best health care available to every patient we serve. As health care providers, we connect with people through kindness. Kindness matters because it’s good for your health. We believe that kindness and compassion is often the best medicine. Many studies have concluded that when health care workers approach patients with compassion, patients often heal faster, have less pain and anxiety and even bounce back faster.

Top 10 Reasons Why Kindness Matters

Research shows that repeated acts of kindness:

  1. Make you happier.
  2. Improve your immune system and health.
  3. Lower the rate of depression.
  4. Make you feel more creative.
  5. Cause employees to want to work harder for employers.
  6. Increase the endogenous opioids in the brain, giving us a natural high.
  7. Create the feeling of “emotional warmth,” producing the hormone oxytocin, which in turn helps reduce blood pressure and protects the heart.
  8. Make it easier to connect with people.
  9. Dissolve worry and anxiety.
  10. Are the best medicine.
Cubby Bear with flowers and three happy staff members waving.
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