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For over 40 years Horizon Health and Wellness has offered a full range of mental health services for all ages and stages of life. In addition to behavioral health, we also provide primary care and preventative health services. We are committed to providing you the best care possible and helping you sustain your health and the health of your family.

Our professional staff provide the following services:
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Children’s Services

We work in collaboration with the child and family so the child may achieve success in school, live with their family, avoid delinquency, improve overall wellness and become a stable and productive adult. We collaborate with system partners to handle complex situations, through the use of best practices, in the least restrictive settings.

Services include:

  • Child and Family Team meetings
  • Individual, Family, and Group Counseling
  • Meet Me Where I Am (MMWIA)
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment for adolescents with substance abuse issues
  • Infant Toddler Mental Health services to monitor development of 0-5 year olds
  • Transition to Adulthood services for 15-17 year olds
  • Integrated Care Services to address physical and psychiatric needs

Crisis Services

Crisis Mobile Team Services 24/7
Through our Community Based Brief Intervention and Risk Assessment (Cenpatico Zipcodes) we assess emergency behavioral health needs and provide referrals to resources such as Level One Inpatient, Detox, Emergency Room, Outpatient Treatment, Community Resources. We respond to Jails, PCP Offices, Agencies, Private Homes, anywhere in the community.

We work on T36 Pre-Petitions for Involuntary Treatment (all of Pinal County) whereby the mobile team screens clients and witnesses to determine if involuntary treatment is required as a result of immediate or potentially dangerous behaviors. The last step is to provide follow up care to ensure needs are met and the individual is connected to care.

Outreach Services
Our trained facilitators assist with AHCCCS/ Marketplace Screenings and applications. Our staff conduct Behavioral Health Screening and make referrals to Counseling, Psychiatric Care, Substance Abuse Treatment and Outpatient Medical Care Community Resources for Clothing, Food, Shelter and Assistance with Utilities.

  • Community Re-entry – Staff assist pre-qualified incarcerated individuals with obtaining behavioral services after release.
  • Seriously Mentally Ill – Determinations for qualification of state benefits.
  • Urgent Enrollment – 24 hr response to inpatient psychiatric facilities to enroll new participants for continuity of care.
  • Rapid Response – 72hr response for enrollment of children removed by the Department of Child Safety. Outreach staff attend preliminary hearings, engage parents in treatment, and assign an outpatient team for continued care.
  • Jail Coordination of Care – For our enrolled participants.

Domestic Violence Services

The Horizon Health and Wellness Domestic Violence Safe Home in southern Gila County exists to serve all people who experience domestic violence and provide a comprehensive array of domestic violence services to improve the overall quality of living for people residing within the community. The Safe Home offers temporary emergency shelter, 24 hour crisis line, crisis intervention, advocacy, support groups, information and referral services, community education and training, residential and non-residential case management, outreach and transportation for victims of domestic violence.

Family Medicine / Primary Care

Family medicine offers a long-term relationship with a provider who cares for you as a whole person and provides a consistency of care that makes a world of difference in your ability to get healthy and stay that way. Family doctors diagnose and treat acute episodes like a sore throat or flu as well as chronic illnesses and conditions like high blood pressure, provide routine checkups and encourage lifestyle changes to help prevent disease. Care is provided to all ages and genders. Services include:

  • Annual Exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Sick Visits
  • Flu Shots
  • Cholesterol Screenings
  • Work & Sports Physicals
  • Weight Loss and Nutritional Counseling
  • Psychiatric Medication Services


Groups provide a safe environment to talk with others about problems or concerns, learn from others and better understand yourself. Horizon Health and Wellness offers a variety of groups at its treatment sites. Here are just a few:

  • Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment and Aftercare
  • Gender Specific Substance Abuse Education
  • Orientation to Treatment
  • Gender Specific Empowerment Groups
  • Emotional Management
  • Anger Management
  • DUI
  • Domestic Violence
  • Living Skills Groups

Habilitation Services

Horizon Health and Wellness offers habilitation assistance to persons with developmental disabilities through a contractual partnership with Arizona’s Division of Developmental Disabilities. These services embrace a person-centered philosophy which emphasizes individuality, personal choice, inclusion and integration.

Services are designed to provide participants with an opportunity to learn, be integrated into their communities and experience measurable success. Through the Community Integration Day Program, persons with significant developmental disabilities are provided with options and choices. The participants are given control of the decision making process with staff providing individualized support and assistance. The participant choice process creates many community inclusionary activities.

Inpatient Behavioral Health (Adult)

Horizon Health and Wellness has close to 20 years of commitment to adult inpatient services. Horizon has 16 beds in Yuma. We provide a safe and secure environment which fosters stabilization and promotes growth and healing. We admit both voluntary and involuntary patients and work with the court system as needed.

Services and treatment are provided for a full range of psychiatric disorders including anxiety, depression and psychotic disorders. Our evidence-based treatment is focused on recovery and wellness in order to accelerate integration back into family and community life. We utilize diagnostic testing along with a medical history and a physical to establish the baseline health status. We also utilize drug and alcohol specific detoxification protocols to achieve a safe and comfortable treatment outcome.

Lab Services

We are proud to partner with Sonora Quest Laboratories which is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) for diagnostic laboratory services. Some of our locations have a Sonora Quest Laboratories phlebotomist in-office for specimen collection. Case managers work with physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and the laboratories to coordinate laboratory services including blood draws and prescribed medications and supplies.

Adult Observation Unit

Horizon Acute Care Center (HACC) is a level one behavioral health facility owned and operated by Horizon Health and Wellness. HACC provides 23hr crisis Observation/Stabilization and inpatient services, designed to provide and promote transitional care. We admit community members in crisis, provide acute services and inpatient level of care in one location. Our goal is to accept all community members and provide appropriate level of care. HACC is licensed to provide court ordered evaluations and court ordered treatment under the provisions of ARS Title 36.

The Observation Unit benefits the community by:

  • Diverting persons experiencing a psychiatric crisis from unnecessarily entering the criminal justice system.
  • Providing relief to ER’s who have psychiatric patients filling emergency rooms due to psychiatric inpatient bed capacity issues.
  • Quicker stabilization of patients by assessing and aggressively treating by medical providers.
  • Accepting any patient in an acute crisis, regardless of their history of aggression, violence or other behavior.
  • No wrong door policy which allows any person who presents to the facility to be assessed, treated and/or given referrals for follow up treatment in their community.
  • Providing psychiatric services for community members in acute psychiatric crisis despite their insurance entitlements.

Outpatient Behavioral Health

We provide a comprehensive service array to meet the needs of individuals and their families. Our therapeutic expertise is diverse in order to address the issues of various populations. We offer comprehensive assessments, individualized case planning, brief therapy, counseling, court-ordered services, referral for specialized medical or psychiatric evaluations, a variety of groups and post-release service coordination to facilitate service continuity through community resources. Participants may be seen in our many office locations, within the community and even in individuals’ homes. Cooperative service arrangements are maintained with community programs and partners in order to provide maximum service access for our participants.

We provide confidential personal counseling and crisis services for persons, couples or families experiencing emotional concerns, problems in adjusting and other factors that affect their ability to achieve balance in their personal or family life.


Horizon Health and Wellness provides pharmacy services for our consumers through Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company. Genoa is able to fulfill all of Horizon Health and Wellness’ members’ medication needs on-site to ensure our members receive the best possible care. To learn more contact the pharmacy today at (480) 282-6278!

Psychiatric Services

Our experienced psychiatrists and medical professionals address any mental health and emotional concerns our participants may be having. Medical and behavioral health professionals work collaboratively to discuss treatment options that are the best fit for each individual. Services include comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis, medication and treatment option consultation, annual evaluations, medication monitoring and planning and assistance with medication subsidies.


There are many types of residential options available to eligible participants in Apache Junction and Casa Grande. We offer independent, transitional, HUD and supported housing. We work with participants to locate and secure necessary housing so that other problem areas can be addressed that would otherwise be ignored. We offer an evidenced based program in our residential programs. We also assist with completing applications, applying for deposits and/or first month’s rent and identifying available units.

Substance Abuse Services

Horizon offers gender specific substance abuse education classes that address a variety of education topics. We work closely with the courts in Gila, Pinal and Yuma counties. Individual sessions are scheduled based on medical necessity. Assessment fees are $90.00 and groups are $30.00 with the exception of IOT. That group fee is assessed independently.

Supported Employment

The ultimate goal of this program is to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities. We currently serve individuals in the State of Arizona offering a wide variety of services. Pre-Employment Services include, but are not limited to, such things as benefits (DB 101) and ADA training, resumé-writing instructions, interviewing skills development, situation assessment, and personal/social adjustment trainings. Through Supported Employment we work directly with individuals on securing and maintaining employment. We work collaboratively and proactively with individuals in programs already established within our system of care such as RSA/DES who have further enhanced our ability to assist individuals in achieving their goals for employment. Horizon Health and Wellness is proud to help people achieve their employment goals and dreams while they move towards self-sufficiency.

Supportive Housing

Horizon Health and Wellness has four different housing areas that we service. Approved members for housing are provided a viewing of our properties located in Apache Junction, Casa Grande, Yuma and Globe.

Principles of Supportive Housing include:

  • Choice of Housing
  • Separation of Housing and Services
  • Decent, Safe, and Affordable Housing
  • Integration
  • Rights of Tenancy
  • Access to Housing
  • Flexible, Voluntary Services


Transportation services are available for eligible participant populations throughout our various service areas. Services must be requested at least 48 hours in advance to ensure availability.

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