Vehicle Auction

Horizon Health and Wellness often has agency vehicles, including 5310 grant vehicles, that get sold in auction to the public. When available, the makes and models of the vehicles that are to be auctioned are listed in the section below.

The auctions are managed by Sierra Auctions. For more information, including instructions on how to place a bid, please follow the link below to visit their website.

Sierra Auction

Auction Begins on May 22, 2021!

Vehicle(s) Up For Auction:

  • 2009 Ford Supreme Van
    Wheelchair Lift
    Inoperable, blown engine
    87,295 miles  
  • 2012 Toyota Sienna
    7 Passenger
    Transmission/right axle leaking, needs struts
    150,017 miles  
  • 2012 Chevy Express
    12 Passenger
    123,722 miles  

  • 2012 Chevy Express
    12 Passenger
    117,884 miles  
  • 2012 Dodge Amerivan
    Wheelchair ramp
    Inoperable, cooling system fluids in engine, overheats
    116,584 miles  
  • 2013 Chevy Express
    12 Passenger
    139,176 miles


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