Victoria Williams

Victoria Williams is an 18 year old female who was first enrolled with our agency in July 2012 due to a traumatic event that occurred in her family. She also suffered from anorexia, depression and social anxiety. Feeling uncomfortable in the community, she chose to be home schooled and had very limited contact with anyone outside of her home. She received a variety of services and support such as individual counseling, family counseling, medication monitoring and ‘Meet Me Where I Am’ (MMWIA) support through the Family Supportive Services Department. When she first started participating in the MMWIA program, Victoria did not feel comfortable leaving her bedroom to participate in services. Her individual MMWIA staff met her where she was by providing services in the home where she felt most comfortable. Staff worked with Victoria to educate her on healthy eating habits and positive self talk. She developed healthy eating habits and was able to overcome her battle with anorexia. Over time, she slowly became comfortable leaving the home and began branching out into the community. Staff started very slowly with this process by taking her to local community events. She was able to mirror skills she learned from her MMWIA staff and began to transition out of her comfort zone. Eventually, with support while out in the community, she was able to initiate and engage in friendly conversation with others. This was a huge success and gave her the confidence to re-enroll in public school. She was very behind educationally and socially, but with lots of support and hard work Victoria graduated high school as Valedictorian of her class and has many friends that have become ongoing natural supports! She received a two year scholarship to Central Arizona College and enrolled in summer college courses. She has now transitioned to Adult Services and continues to receive support and is very successful.

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